A silly interview with York, PA artist Dave Amigo

Written by: Amari Newman


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CO: Dave Amigo

On the last day of Black History Month, I had an early morning phone call with York, PA rap artist Dave Amigo. He's been a consistent presence in the Philly-area music scene since joining the Rareboyzz (R1) collective in 2018. Over the years, Dave's matured into an underground OG of sorts. His roots in the Plugg community solidified early working relationships with producers like Dylvinci and Cashcache. And, he's been evolving his signature pitched-up auto-tuned delivery since 2016.

Dave's music is undeniably rare, and his authentic personality sets him apart from the modern emcee. He's really a genuine dude with a great sense of humor. It's seen in the crazy one-liners that fill his verses, and his rowdy live performances. Dave isn't preoccupied with followers and "clout" either, he just loves making music. His ongoing #nopromo campaign (where he drops a new single every day with no promotion) encapsulates this unbothered attitude. 

I hung out with Dave a few times at different events throughout Philly the past couple years, and knew he'd be the perfect person to try a new interview format with. So, I got Dave on the phone, and asked him a series of would-you-rather questions.

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CO: Dave Amigo

Amari: Would you rather see how you're going to die or see how you were conceived?

Dave: Definitely how I would die. Seeing how I was conceived is kinda crazy.

Yeah, that's understandable. Would you rather go three rounds with a professional slapper or do a cheese roll? It's a competition where they find big ass hills and roll down them. Have you seen those before?

No, but I'll tell you off rip, it’s definitely the slap jawn. I got big hands. I feel like I could go toe to toe with a professional slapper. No structure or training either. I feel like I'd be aight.

Would you rather have access to an infinite amount of mid every day? Or be able to get the highest quality Za, but only smoke once a week?

I'm gonna go with the mid, and imma tell you why. With infinite mid, I could just put a lemon peel in the jar and sell it. That way, I could buy good weed off my mid. But if we just talking about smoking it, I definitely would get the Za. Once a week aint bad. I'll be aight. 

Would you rather freestyle or write?


Do you freestyle most of your work?

I punch-in, but everything I punch-in is freestyled. I started that a while ago because I used to have some structure, and I would write a little bit. But now, I just freestyle the whole thing when I’m punching in. 

What beat you hopping on first: Plugg or Drill?

Probably Plugg. I can rap and sing on Plugg, but Drill? I mean I guess you could sing on that shit, but my mind don't travel there. What you gonna do, sound pretty on a Drill beat? That shit sound crazy. Yeah it’s Plugg. I remember when it first came out, people were like “Man niggas is gonna stop rapping on Plugg beats,” and we still rapping on Plugg beats today. It's one of those subgenres where everybody that's been a part of it is connected to each other in some way. That’s a top-tier subgenre for me.

CO: Dave Amigo

You recently dropped two projects: ALL STAR 2K and No Worries. Which one do you like more?

Damn bro. They’re so different but imma go with ALL STAR 2K because I really got on my rap shit with that. I also tapped in with DJ Nick and that made us cool, that's my boy. But, No Worries I got so many good producers on there, but that one with DJ Nick special.

ALL STAR 2K (2023)

No Worries (2022)

What’s your favorite project in your whole discography?

It's hard to pick, but I can take it all the way back to the beginning with DAVE & DYLVINCI. It never went on iTunes or Spotify, but the story behind it was crazy to me, and it helped develop my sound with the autotune and pitching it up. That tape kind of stamped that for me, and it became my signature sound.


Who do you think is more influential, Lil B or Chief Keef?

Damn bro, that's a hard one. I mean, Chief Keef by default because more people was fucking with Chief Keef than Lil B. Like Lil B has a niche audience. As much as I love Lil B, I feel like Chief Keef got it. More people have been influenced by him because more people like him. But damn, I hope the BasedGod don't curse me.

Cage Match with John Cena or Extreme Rules match with Mick Foley?

I mean I’m definitely gonna lose either way because Mick Foley’s a nut bro. Like I know what I would do, but what is he gonna do? I gotta go with Cena bro. It's not a good jawn either way. I know Imma get my ass beat, but Mick Foley is too unpredictable. 

Yeah you might get set on fire, or thrown through barbed wire.

Yeah he’s crazy bro. So for my safety, I’d rather get slaughtered in a cage with John Cena. Only the people who really watch that shit gonna know what I mean.

Which music video do you like more: “Polo Boots” or “Joel Embiid”?

That's a really hard one too. “Polo Boots” was a moment, and that one has a cool intimate story too, but probably “Joel Embiid.” We pulled up to Iineedmoneyy’s hood and shot that shit, and it really was thought through. We had an idea, and executed it the whole way through.

Which comedian aged more gracefully: Katt Williams or Dave Chappelle?

Honestly, Katt Williams. Dave’s a legend, but his newer stand-up is super political and it’s getting to a point where it’s not even jokes, he’s just talking. But, Katt Williams is still funny, and even his Ls are hilarious. Like when he got fucked up by a kid, that was like watching a scene off Friday on real life television. He’s like the underdog of Stand-up comedy. I feel like he don't get his flowers bro, he’s funny as fuck.

If you could only listen to their discography for a year straight, who you taking: Nas or Rio Da Yung OG?

It’s Rio bro I’m sorry. With Nas, Imma keep it a bean, there’s only one or two albums I can get jiggy with. Rio’s gonna make me laugh the whole time. Yeah it’s gotta be Rio. Michigan rap funny as fuck bro.

Nah forreal, and Rio might have a bigger discography than Nas at this point. 

Yeah, I ain't gonna like every song. Im not gonna act like Imma big Rio fan, but I know Rio gonna say some shit thats gonna make me crack the fuck up. So yeah, it's gotta be Rio.

What game you playing first: Elden Ring or the new Harry Potter?

I haven't played either of them, but probably Elden Ring bro. Harry Potter do look cold though. It looks so promising, and brings back a lot of nostalgia. But I’d be sick as shit if I wanted to be Slytherin and end up Gryfyndor. I'd be pissed off, like damn bro I named my character Slime Dollaz for nothing. That shit sad as hell.

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CO: Dave Amigo

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