A review of Gleesh's newest project Cleansides Finest 4

Written by: Martin Sakansong


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Northeast DC heavyweight Gleesh (FKA: Yung Gleesh) delivered his 4th installment of Cleansides Finest. The 17 track mixtape has no features, and a variety of sounds that came from left field. He delivered this tape in late November last year.

Working with the work

His last release before this tape was A.D - After Death, which dropped in 2019. 

Cleansides Finest 4 (CF4) picks up right where Gleesh left off. The trappy beats, 2013-2015 trap flow, and raw lyrics help you visualize the motion Gleesh is claiming to have. It's different from any of the past Cleanside Finest mixtapes, and in general has a different feel and sound then any of his previous pieces of music.

Gleesh kept his original sound on this tape, and hasn't switched up. Especially, in a time where it feels like underground OGs are turning industry, or gravitating towards a generic "mainstream" sound.  

“All you niggas like the Gleesh, wanna be like me, wanna be from DC, but ya industry!” - Water (Part 2) [2nd track]

Throughout CF4, Gleesh shows off his versatility with his lingo and beat play. In "Gasolina,"  a spin on the iconic Daddy Yankee song, he serenades the track with his signature flow. Rapping "Working with the work, I move a-ccor-ding-ly, I dress like cor-dial-ly, It's like a cor-vette on me." Similarly, on "Big Gleetchie," he samples the Notorious BIG's song "Big Poppa." 

Tracks like "More Boof," and "Clear it out" show us where he is at the moment. But it's hard to tell if he's in the streets or not? If he's still trapping? 

“Need a thousand p’s a month just to get it back in motion, you ever seen the Gleesh walk? its like he crossed the damn ocean," he raps on "More Boof." And, on "Clear it out" Gleesh reminds us, “I’m from 18th and Monroe nigga, 1-8 zone nigga, yo BM in my trap house and she got my phone nigga.” 

In the same breath, Gleesh shows his growth by speaking on recent controversies. In “Shot Down,” he references the current gun violence epidemic and how it plagues black men. And on “Time,” he pays homage to his longtime friend Fredo Santana, who passed away in 2018. Gleesh entails how he wishes Fredo was still here so could show him his current growth and focus.

Gleesh - Time

Let us not forget that since the beginning of his career, Gleesh has been your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. He's collaborated with A$AP Rocky, Yung Lean, Lil Yachty, Playboi Carti, and PeeWee Longway. Songs like Wasabi, Water, Trappin Benny, and Skrong helped him make a name for himself, and we can't forget his legendary 15 second “Walk Gleesh Walk” verse on A$AP Mob's “Telephone Calls.” 

CF4 is a statement mixtape by Gleesh, and I believe he's showing us a glimpse of what’s to come in #2024 

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