ENRGY (@enrgybeats)

Hailing from Flint, Michigan, Enrgy started making music with the Magix Music Maker game on his Playstation 2 when he was only three years old. He started uploading his beats to Youtube in 2018 under the name NRG. His signature speaker-shaking 808s and bouncy kick and snare patterns catapulted him to one of the most sought out producers in Michigan this past year. In fact, Enrgy has helped curate the entire sound coming out of Flint right now, producing the biggest hits for Rio Da Yung OG, YN Jay, RMC Mike, BFB Da Packman, and many more of the city’s rappers. This past summer, Enrgy had an instant sonic takeover. His production was blasted in seemingly every car driving through a hood, and used in numerous viral Tik Tok trends. It doesn’t matter who's rapping, what they're saying, or how they say it, if Enrgy made the beat it will crank. In the last year, He’s expanded beyond Flint working with Detroit heavyweights Baby Smoove, Kasher Quon, Veeze, and even Atlanta’s Lil Yachty. Enrgy signed to Beatstars / Sony Music Publishing this past March, so it will be exciting to see what comes next from the young producer with the resources of a label behind him.

Songs produced by Enrgy to listen to: Rio Da Yung OG - Legendary, YN Jay feat Louie Ray - Coochie, BFB Da Packman feat Icewear Vezzo - Free Joe Exotic, Kasher Quon - Wavy

Lincoln Minaj (@lincolnminaj)

The South African rapper and producer is by far the rarest person on this list. He’s been a present force in multiple musical communities throughout the world, and can claim a large share of responsibility for the global resurgence of Plugg music. Lincolnminaj's beats sound like the splashing of digital diamonds in a waterfall. One may recognize his beats from the layers of ethereal melodies that mesh together into pristine conglomerates. These, accompanied by wavy 808s, create an exquisitely unique product. Lincoln’s reach is international, putting out songs with artists rapping in English, French, Portuguese, or Russian. Anyone from any part of the world can float smoothly over his production. Lincoln’s discography is vast with over 900 beats uploaded to his Youtube (most of them are free to use so tap in). He’s collaborated with SoundCloud legends like SickBoyRari (Black Kray), Chris Travis, and Sahbabii, and has worked with budding European rappers like Serane, Rocket Skywalker, and Chico da Tina. LincolnMinaj has put in the work to have his music played around the world in all types of languages, so it’ll be exciting to see what new heights he’ll ascend to this year.

Songs produced by Lincolminaj to listen to: SickBoyRari (Black Kray) - Cat Staccs, Rocket feat LilDrugHill - AAA, Chris Travis - It’s On You, SahBabii feat T3 - House Party, Chico Da Tina - Todo o Dia 

Top$ide (@topside_fresh90)

Detroit had the biggest comeback of 2020 and Top$ide should be given some credit for this. The city’s native came onto the scene in 2018 rapping and producing for World Tour Mafia and those affiliated with WhiteHouse Studios. Since then, he’s continued to be one of their go-to producers and has expanded his reach throughout Detroit and beyond. His slow tempo production features drawn out synthesizer melodies that accompany pithy 808s. Combined with various iconic percussion hits, these sounds roll smoothly into each other to create bay area-esque, uniquely recognizable beats. Despite his relatively private social media presence, Top$ide is one of the most sought-after producers in the underground collaborating with a wide range of artists including BabyFace Ray, Lucki, Los, Rx Papi, WTM Scoob, Icytwat, and Diego Money. His continual recognition by his peers as a great producer, and a potential OVO cosign, show all the signs for an incredible next year for Top$ide.

Song to listen to by Top$ide: Baby Smoove - Mona Lisa, Top$ide feat Lucki - Scotty Ppls, BabyFaceRay - Fake Luv, Veeze - Friend Of Mine

Paris Aden (@parisaden)

The 20-year-old Port Arthur, Texas native has been making music since she was fourteen, raising eyebrows in the underground as early as 2015. Paris Aden has maintained a relatively low public profile throughout her career, but her introverted social media presence contradicts her high-energy and attention-grabbing production style. Aden was born with synesthesia, giving her the ability to see sounds, which helps explain the vivid textures in all of her production. Hard-hitting drums and genius samples send waves throughout any listener’s body almost forcing them to unknowingly convulse to the beat. Over the years, Paris has worked with a large list of great artists becoming go-to producers for Bali Baby and BbyMutha while also landing recent placements on tracks by 645AR, Babyxsosa, Fly Anakin, Cashier Fresh, and Sauce Walka. Even though Paris has been around longer than other artists on this list, her ability to continue to progress her sound over the years while still maintaining her signature style makes her one of the most exciting producers to watch this year.

Songs produced by Paris Aden to listen to: Babyxsosa - Cancer Baby, BbyMutha - 11:11, BbyMutha feat Fly Anakin - Traphouse, Sauce Walka - Ain’t Dirt Shit 

Cashcasche (@cashcasche)

Originally going by missed calls, while a member of the Cacheclique producing team, CashCasche is another producer that should be credited for the resurgence of Plugg music that took place this last year. The Conyers, Georgia native has been uploading content since 2017, producing early tracks for Lil Xelly, Slime Dollaz, and 10 Cellphones. His precise arrangement of simplistic melodies accompanied by complex 808 patterns creates a smooth and bouncy soundscape that gives any artist the space to float over. He’s the digital conductor of a Plugg orchestra. His consistent output of top-tier production led to the collective recognition of his talent by rappers across the industry. He produced the critically acclaimed DIS SHOULD HOLD U OVER collaboration tape with Tony Shhnow, and another tape for French rapper Serane. He also has placements with Mavi, CHXPO, BoofPaxkMooky, Cyrax, Eyedress, and 10KDunkin. CashCachse’s nuanced approach to producing earned him well-deserved praise amongst his peers and various publications, which will only continue to increase for the rest of the year.  

Songs produced by CashCasche to listen to: Tony Shhnow - Chalk, Serane - Pressure, 10KDunkin & Eyedress - 5racks4thafit, BoofPaxkMooky - No Clue

COUPE (@bentleymcoupe)

The Atlanta-based producer has been active since 2014, but recently became one of Young Nudy’s in-house producers, working on his Faded in The Booth project in 2019. COUPE then, alongside 20Rocket, handled the majority of production on Nudy’s critically acclaimed 2020 release Anyways. He also produced most of Nudy’s newest album Dr EV4L. His ethereal melodies and fast-paced kick and hi-hat patterns make every beat sound like they are being channeled live from an intergalactic radio station. And COUPE’s knowledgeable structuring of beats allow each of their diverse segments to phase in and out at perfect times for anyone rapping on the track. Although the majority of his producing credits are for Young Nudy, he’s also worked with PDE Escobar, 21 Savage, and Gucci Mane. COUPE is immensely talented, and he’s quickly carving out his own sound while expanding upon Nudy’s established artistry, making them one of the most exciting duos in rap right now.

Songs produced by COUPE to listen to: Young Nudy - Do It With The…, Young Nudy - Blue Cheese Salad, Young Nudy - Soul Keeper, Young Nudy feat 21 Savage - Child’s Play

Cash Cobain (@cashcobain_2x)

The Bronx rapper and producer has been evolving his sound since 2014, shifting his work to match all of the different phases the game has gone through. Whether it be early Chicago Drill, Plugg beats or Gunna-esque guitar samples, Cash Cobain’s been there and done that. Although he's already had success in his career, producing hits such as Lucki’s Peach Dream, the MHPG Sound member seemed to find his own lane within the New York Drill movement that took the country by storm this past year. Cobain stands out from the typical Drill producer through his amazing choice in nostalgic samples that are flipped at the highest of tiers. His samples range from obscure tracks by groups like Cortex, a french jazz fusion band from the 70s, to more well known classics from Isaac Hayes, Keith Sweat, and Lauryn Hill. In 2020 and 2021, Cash has become a go-to producer for YTB, but has also gotten placements with FLEE, Swoosh God, SlimeSito, Fivio Foreign,, and even Casanova. He’s demonstrated the ability to evolve alongside the industry for all these years, and with Drill spreading across the globe, Cash Cobain will remain a sought-out producer for the foreseeable future. 

Songs produced by Cash Cobain: Lil Yachty - Cortex, Shawny Binladen - Yellow Tears, Chow Lee, Cash Cobain & Lonny Love - Nobody, Shawny Binladen - Georgia