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Speeder (@speederrrr)

The LA / Seattle-based videographer has quickly become a lead curator of visuals accompanying the new wave of talent that’s overtaken Hip-hop in the post-pandemic era. A scroll through Speeder’s Youtube playlist of videos he directed will give you a solid grasp of the expanding landscape of Internet Rap’s underground. He first picked up a camera in 2014 to document his lifestyle playing in various Punk bands throughout Florida, where he was living at the time. After briefly relocating to New York, where he shot concerts and events throughout NYC’s extensive Punk and Rap scenes, Speeder moved to Seattle in 2018. After occasionally shooting for friends and affiliates through 2019, the nomadic videographer fully committed to music-video-making at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and never looked back. He went on a two-year tear, shooting and editing over 130 music videos with artists from all crevices of the underground, as well as household mainstream names.

Speeder’s ability to consistently deliver eye-grabbing cuts and transitions, alongside his engaging camera work that utilizes diverse footage, makes him a dual-threat that's pretty unrivaled in the game right now. A typical Speeder video features grainy VHS footage, fisheye lenses, super HD film, and wild 360 camera angles that are amplified by high-paced edits placed into every second of his pieces. It looks like he mashed seven different music videos from all genres into a two minute visual experience.

Speeder has taken a collaborative approach to a good amount of his releases, frequently working with music video innovators JayJay Thakar (Moshpxt) and Kenny H, as well as up-and-coming directors F6F Visuals and Gee.create. He also formed a loose team of international editors that assist him with VFX and animations including Keefjojoo, Cy joshe, and Skipaframe. Speeder’s keen eye for talent goes past his camera men, functioning as a main videographer for rap collectives So Icy Goth (SIG), and Nitemare. He’s also worked on videos from a vast array of artists ranging from Yeat, Matt Ox, Zelooperz, and Rx Papi to Hook, 454, Mowalola, and Fish Narc.

Speeder has pushed himself to the status of an essential videographer in the underground in only two years. While he’s already landed video placements with Hip-hop legends like Chief Keef and Wiz Khalifa, Speeder has only received a fraction of the well-deserved attention and accolades that will come to him in the near future.

Videos to watch directed / edited by Speeder: Zelly Ocho - Deadguy (directed by Speeder), Sig.carlito - Theme Song (Created by PG3 + Nitetive + Speeder), david shawty - who let the dogs out (MV) (directed by Speeder), caspr - ciara freestyle mp3 prod casspr :)))) (directed by Speeder)

Housepartii (@housepartii)

The 23 year old DMV-based videographer entered the rap game through photography in 2018, shooting artists at various events throughout DC. As he grew his portfolio, Housepartii began assisting local videographer-GOATS 4QKPZ, 1Drince, and Kody Gracee with their shoots. He quietly uploaded music videos to Youtube at the end of 2019 before fully pursuing it in 2020. The novel videographer soon turned into a primary cameraman for Lil Dude, Big Flock, Cruddy Murda and Goonew (RIP).

Housepartii (AKA Houdini) became an instant favorite amongst DMV artists for his energetic and humorous directing style. His smooth and active camera work captures the cool lifestyle of DMV artists. Videos normally feature groups of people in apartment courtyards, at a studio, or on various street corners, smoking sheets and funnel, sipping lean, flashing money, and dancing with all types of firearms in ski masks or Cartier glasses. He’s found a way to take the lighthearted delivery of grim content (a staple in DMV trap rappers' content), and translate it to the visual realm through the use of off-the-wall pop culture references. Houdini’s videos may allude to Madden 06, Def Jam Fight for NY, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, The Mask, or Jimmy Neutron. Whether it's Cruddy Murda shooting out pictures of his own face, or a Bingo card with Lil Dude’s lingo, Housepartii always finds a way to make his artist's crazy lyricism come to life.

On top of his humorous references, Houdini has developed a talent for lighting and coloring. He constantly changes the color gradient of his shots, either through strobe lights he brings on set, or editing programs done in post. He'll subtly transition between basement scenes with dark green and purple hues, to daytime shots with bright yellow, and red tints. The spirited videographer will also insert himself into videos, either jumping in frame and dancing with artists, or having them wear Fuck Cancer and “Slime The Pigs” hoodies from his clothing brand Anomiic.

Housepartii’s unique directing style has made him one of the most coveted videographers in the DMV, working with local stars like Tae Dawg, Lil Gray, Glock Jones, and 23 Rackz (RIP), while becoming the go-to videographer for No Savage, JG Riff and Cartieaarss. He’s also shot videos for some of the best rappers coming out of Michigan and Memphis like Baby Tron, YN Jay, NLE Choppa, and Quezz Ruthless. Clearly, people are recognizing Housepartii’s talent for bringing to life the outlandish punchlines that come from some of our favorite artists. He’s already cleared out his path, now we only need to watch as he blazes through it for the rest of the year.

Videos to watch directed by Housepartii: JG Riff & CartiEarss ft. No Savage - Carry Em (directed by HousePartii), Cruddy Murda - Super (directed by HousePartii), YN Jay - Fantastic Day (directed by HousePartii), ShittyBoyz, Kasher Quon, Lil Blade, Bankroll Reese, SiickP, Cam Dinero, Shaudy & Prince - Crazy Talk (directed by Housepartii)

L$D Films (@lsdfilms)

The Atlanta-based video production company, masterminded by @3locco, was established in 2017, shooting mainly for local rapper Ziplockem and a young Bear1boss. L$D Films gradually built his portfolio during this time, putting out a video every few months. He started to consistently release music videos at the end of 2019, and got to a point where he was putting out one-two videos a week with different artists around Atlanta. He’s maintained that pace for the past two years, directing / co-directing over 160 music videos, with half on his Youtube account and the rest on Bear1boss’ page, or other artists he’s filmed.

L$D has directed around 30 music videos for Bear, and neither of them show any sign of slowing down their rapid pace. The rapper-videographer duo is reminiscent of a 2018 Splurge and JMoney, or a 2019 Lil Xelly and Moshpxt. #Hotsauce has become such a favored artist partly due to his charisma and dance moves that L$D perfectly captures with his zoom-ins, freeze frames, mirror shots, half-second rewinds, and quarter-second fast forwards. He normally shoots Bear at low angles and various close ranges, creating a slight fisheye effect that draws the viewer further into his mesmerizing movements. L$D's well-timed camera maneuvers, use of drones and 360 cameras, and experimentation with color gradients results in engaging visuals for whoever he shoots. He’ll also include interesting 3D animations of UFOs, go-karts, zombies, pistols, or Micheal Jackson dancing across the screen. As well as, cutouts of the Koolaid Man, Powerpuff Girls, and Spongebob characters who interact with artists throughout the video.

The hard-working visual artist diversified his output recently, creating two of his own web series. He started Straight Out Da Pot around this time last year, getting artists in Atlanta’s underground to freestyle in a kitchen-turned-studio. He’s put out 21 episodes so far with freestyles from the likes of Bear1boss, Sharc, and NiyaDaDon, normally rapping over rare 14Golds beats. L$D also started a woman-on-the-street series with Divine Devine called In Da Streets, which features the indie artist going to different events in Atlanta and asking strangers funny questions. They’ve filmed at include a Dave Chappelle show, Playboi Carti concert, and the University of Georgia Football Championship celebration.

On top of the new series he’s maintained for a year now, L$D has stepped up the production aspect of his operation. His website offers services for music videos, photography, website design, marketing plans for Youtube and Tik Tok growth, and his own L$D Films merchandise. @3locco is working on all cylinders to push L$D Films into the highest echelon of video production entities that he possibly can, making it exciting to see what the visual artist has in store for the rest of the year.

Videos to watch directed by L$D Films: BEAR1BOSS - Fair (directed L$D Films), BEAR1BOSS - $$$ (directed by L$D Films), BEAR1BOSS - Spongebob Hell (directed L$D Films), BEAR1BOSS - Fish in the Pond! (directed by L$D Films)

Keefjojoo (@keefjojoo)

The 22 year-old Russian artist has become one of the underground's most sought VFX experts. Keefjojoo came into the Rap game as a producer, making old sample-heavy and ambient loops for Rahiem Supreme, hernbean5150 and Booshido. He started to do VFX in 2019, and the underground collectively recognized him as someone to seek out. Pink Siifu was one of the first to tap in with the budding videographer, having him edit his riveting "NEGRO" video and multiple visuals since.

He became a favorite to so many artists for his ability to create an extremely detailed and distorted hyper-reality that his film subjects exist within. The edits in Keefjojoo’s videos look as if they were processed on a massive supercomputer powered by nuclear energy. The VFX virtuoso uses super HD footage that's enhanced by drastic zoom-ins, screen spins, datamsosh, mirrored images, photo reel effects, and his own animations. Keefjojoo also developed an acute talent in transitions, finding the most eye-grabbing ways to rapidly switch to different scenes through zooms into windows, eyes, teeth, ATMs, paintings, and garage openings. Watching it feels like being off four tabs and two E pills while in a sensory deprivation chamber that plays music videos.

Being a truly gifted editor, Keefjojoo takes any footage submitted to him, whether its 4k or VHS, and adds effects that compliment and elevate its shots. He can make people standing in front of a nice car and smoking, or someone rapping to the camera in front of a brick wall the most engaging 2 minutes anyone will witness that day. Although most of his placements are through editing, since he lives across the ocean from the majority of his collaborators, the young videographer has directed videos for Russian artist LOV66. His collaborations with this rapper in particular find Keefjojoo truly in his element, creating visual experiences with an overwhelming amount of transitions, edits, and camera movement that display the full spectrum of his ability.

The VFX artist is at the forefront of visionaries who are finding new ways to further innovate the rapidly advancing art form. On top of his collaborations with trailblazers in videography like Speeder, Kenny H, and Dev Williams, he’s worked on videos with mainstream stars Brent Faiyaz, $not, and Wiz Khalifa, and underground legends Harto Falion (AKA Trip Dixon), Grimm Doza, and Zelooperz. With the recent establishment of his new production company Kfj.avi, KeefJojoo is poised to continue his takeover for the rest of 2022.

Videos edited by Keefjojoo: YN Jay x Louie Ray - Triple S (Shot by Jochi Saca edited by Keefjojoo), Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin - Tha Divide (feat. ZelooperZ, MAVI & Koncept Jack$on, shot by Eljah Maura edited by Elijah x Keefjojoo), LOVV66 - Трап Траn (directed by мамэтотолькодляфото edited by Keefjojoo), Elzhi, Georgia Anne Muldrow - Nefertiti (directed by Elzi + Unkleluc VFX by Keefjojoo)

KarlwithaK (@1karlwithak)

The Montgomery County, Maryland native came into the music video game as an apprentice to the underground videographer-GOAT JayJay Thakar (Moshpxt). He assisted him with more than 50 videos before branching out to direct his own in 2021. KarlwithaK instantly became the main cameraman for Ka$hdami, shooting over 10 music videos for him since their first collaboration "Reperations!." Through his work with Dami, KarlwithaK turned into a sought-after videographer for the new generation of underground rappers on the east coast. He’s worked with artists throughout the DMV, as well as young stars in VA beach, Atlanta, and New York.

Karl's videos have a healthy balance of crazy VFX and captivating shots. His edits may include stringy silver streaks that briefly fill the screen before transitioning to another scene, spinning cameras, liquid datamosh, intense zooms, occasional VHS footage, and 3D animations. He’ll also include experimental edits like clips from BabySantana’s IG Live, the shadow clone effect (where three versions of the same artist do different things in frame), and easter eggs of his logo that appear in every video.

The blossoming videographer stands out from his peers for the ability to organize and execute full visual projects. A typical KarlwithaK video involves six-seven other videographers, editors, VFX artists, PAs, or lettering and title card designers. He essentially puts together superteams of After Effects wizards to get the most out of each project he works on. This collaborative mindset has allowed Karl to direct videos comparable to full-scale label-backed productions. He’s gotten over 20 visual artists to work on his videos, but he consistently collaborates with Kiiru Sly, Gr**n, Nitetive, Cyjoshe, cmicarus, icyxke, and nickwelchprod.

Karlwithak is turning into a true curator of the underground, shooting for upcoming stars yvngxchris, Yung Maaly, Midwxst, Slump6s, and Cayo Banks. He established his own production company in the last year called KompanywithaK, releasing videos through the entity, and selling a collection of bunny-eared ski masks with the Kompany logo on it. The young visual artist seems to be making all the right moves in his career so far. He’s already reached milestones that many videographers dedicate years towards, yet it feels like KarlwithaK is just starting to tap into his true potential.

Videos to watch directed by KarlwithaK: ka$hdami - look n the mirror (directed by KarlwithaK edited by Nitetive), Babysantana - off the leash! (feat. yvngxchris & luisss, directed by KarlwithaK), Yung Smiley - Saks (created by Karlwithak and Gr**n), ka$hdami - No Nonsense (directed by KarlwithaK)

IceWaterChase (@icewaterchase)

The Harrisburg, PA visual artist originally rapped under the name Chase Gleetch (inspired by Fat Trel), and made music with his twin brother Jameson (@_meson). He started directing his own music videos after struggling to find videographers to work with, and instantly grew a passion for the video-making art form. In 2017, he switched his name to IceWaterChase and began making visualizers for his twin’s beats. After polishing his editing techniques, Chase reached out to artists in Philadelphia the following year. He worked with OX Flacko and COWBOYKILLER, shooting the video for his local classic “Built.” IceWaterChase continued working until hitting a new gear in the post-pandemic era, landing placements with an array of artists ranging from 24kGoldn and Cuffem to Big Jelly and 909 Memphis. He also started working relationships with many Philly-area-based artists including Matt Ox, Moody56k, T$AN, Sub9k, and Envy Ojay.

IceWaterChase received this new attention for his palpable editing style and tireless work ethic. All the videos he works on are packed. Every shot has at least one edit of glitchy screens, kaleidoscope effects, or animations before he quickly switches to another. The transitions are fast and elaborate, having a rapper’s body part come into the screen before everything else, or shattering the screen into pieces and putting it back together in a different scene. He’s also developed a unique high quality VHS effect that’s spliced into almost all of his videos, which has become his calling card.

IceWaterChase has a high motor for editing, working on over 100 videos every year since 2018. The hours of manpower put into every video he touches is evident. He’s also grown into the role of a director, frequently shooting for artists after editing a couple of their videos. Recent releases like his collaboration with A$AP Twelvy show Chase's ability to fully produce captivating and meaningful visuals.

The Harrisburg visual artist seems to only get better with time, and his appeal has grown international as he’s worked with artists in Germany, Japan, and Norway. He’s also edited a few projects for Faze Clan that featured SoFaygo and Bronny Jr.. Icewaterchase’s signature editing style and machine-like work ethic positions him to reach new heights this year, and the ones that follow.

Videos to watch directed or edited by IceWaterChase: T$AN - BIRDIE (shot by to$h edited by IceWaterChase), IZE & Quadie Diesel - Mornin (directed by Breezy Swank + Icewaterchase), SUB9K - BLOODRAIN ANTHEM (directed IceWaterChase), A$AP Twelvyy - Everything (directed by Breezy Swank edited by IceWaterChase)

UselessFilms (@uselessfilms_)

The NYC videographer has been directing videos for local artist since 2017, but made it a serious career after shooting a video for Big Yaya in 2019. UselessFilms instantly became the main videographer for Yaya and the entire YTB / WCF collective. As of now, he's shot over 130 music videos for Shawny Binladen, Four50, Big Gltaow, Melly Migo, and Grinch4$. The overwhelming majority of his work can be found on the Woodhull Ave Youtube page.

He became so sought after by the group for his ability to capture their rare essence, making their great music truly unforgettable. His nonstop, yet subtle, camera movement makes the artists he shoots look as if they've been slightly fast-forwarded. He’ll pepper in quick second-long slow-mos and reverse his footage, constantly shifting the visual tempo of his videos. On top of his dynamic pace, UselessFilms incorporates creative edits that use lattice effects, spiral animations, subtle datamosh, screen blurs, and x-ray vision. He’ll also fill the screen with bullet holes, emojis, music notes, html code, or little lights that float around like falling snow. Another quality that sets Useless apart from his peers is the wide array of pop culture references he makes. His videos may feature Paid In Full scenes, clips from the Ellen Degeneres Show, or the viral meme of Rick Ross leaving an interview.

UselessFilms has a deep knowledge and appreciation for video games. One of his logos is a play on the Nintendo switch symbol, and another takes inspiration from the end of match sequence in Super Smash Bros. In fact, his videos are filled with video game references. He’ll use the Call Of Duty pre-match countdown timer as an intro, include gameplay from Tekken and GTA, or have Shawny Binladen throw a pokeball with a Glock edited into it.

On top of his editing capabilities, Useless is an imaginative director. He has a keen eye for locations, finding the perfect courtyards, apartment hallways, and parking lots to shoot Shawny and his affiliates cuddling pints of lean and counting money as they’re dripped down in Louis Vuitton (RIP Virgil). In addition, he’ll create five second intros that use a favorable clip from a scene later in that video, and insert footage from previous videos into new ones. He also started creating joint lyric and music videos for Four50, writing out everything he says on screen so the viewer can fully understand the lyrical assault they’re experiencing.

UselessFilms has one of the most diverse videography styles on this list. Every video finds him using different effects, storylines, and locations. He’s played a huge role in the image that WCF has carved out for itself, while still shooting videos for notable artists like Glokk40spaz, Xanman, 1600J, and Jay Critch. His continuous growth and desire to expand his repertoire makes it exciting to see where he’ll push himself for the rest of the year and beyond.

Videos to watch directed by UselessFilms: Big YAYA - Lied to you (directed by UselessFilms), Shawny Binladen - SEE MY LOVE / (RiDER) (directed by UselessFilms) FOUR50 - Pain In The Booth (directed by UselessFilms), Shawny Binladen x Big YAYA x GrinchN4$ - Yellow Gang Bangers (directed y UselessFilms)



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